Curtain Cleaning London

Cleaning curtains effectively requires a specialised cleaning method, since subjecting such delicate interior features to conventional cleaning methods, such as machine washing will spell out disaster. In most instances, curtains are made of really demanding materials or sensitive fabrics which are quite susceptible to mechanical or chemical damage, which automatically rules out any aggressive cleaning methods. Damaging the curtains through inadequate cleaning methods is quite easy to happen, so if you are looking for an effective and risk-free way to clean your curtains properly, then we have just what you need – our professional curtain cleaning service.

This is one of our specialised cleaning options which we have made available to all customers in London, the service is perfectly suitable for all types of curtain fabrics and materials, there will be no damage or alteration to the curtain’s colours, texture or fabric properties. The cleaning systems and equipment we use are suitable for any size curtain, and in most cases, there will be no need to remove the curtain from the railing at all – this makes the entire cleaning process swift and hassle-free for our customers.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices from £109 Domestic Cleaning Prices from £9
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*The prices above are valid for London. They include the required labour (cleaning hours). If further hours are needed, then additional charges could be applied. Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are approximated based on the supplied info.

Our cleaning techniques and materials will deal with most types of stains and soiling, but customers need to be aware that sunlight damage is considered permanent, and cannot be reversed even by professional curtain cleaning methods. In order to ensure perfect results every time, and no risk of damage, Cleaners of London works with specially trained, professional cleaning technicians who have the skills and expertise to clean your curtains safely and properly. Usually, our cleaning experts will choose one of following cleaning methods – steam curtain cleaning or dry curtain cleaning.

The most suitable and safe cleaning technique is determined by the type of curtain fabric or material, and the nature and scale of soiling or staining sustained. Most of the time, when the curtain is in relatively good shape, our cleaners will apply the steam cleaning method as this is highly effective for removal of heavy stains, and killing off bacteria. The steam cleaning technique applies a heated, pressurised solvent in order to remove and lift stains and dirt. Dry curtain cleaning, also referred to as restorative cleaning, uses very little water, and is applied when the curtain fabric is too delicate, and cannot be subjected to high temperature cleaning techniques. Our London customers can request the service seven days a week with flexible hours.