Driveway Cleaning London

Just like any other feature of your property, the driveway must receive regular cleaning maintenance in order to keep it looking better and functioning properly for longer. Driveway cleaning definitely doesn’t top the list of average property cleaning chores, but nevertheless cleaning the driveway properly as often as possible is the right thing to do.

The driveway is one of the hardest working features of your property, just think about it – the driveway is exposed to the elements all year round, all along vehicles are parked and driven on the driveway on a daily basis, plus many people use their driveway for a host of other purposes which can also have a negative effect on its appearance and properties. Usually, weather and chemicals are the biggest causes of staining, discolouration, and certain other blemishes on the driveway’s surface. During winter, adverse weather conditions namely heavy rains, snowfall, ice and ice melting chemicals can cause the driveway to change in hue or develop certain water staining, commonly known as water streaks.

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Throughout other seasons the driveway is also exposed to rain and bad weather. Moisture content in the air is usually the cause of condensation, condensation allows for fungal growth and mould on the driveway. This not only affects its good looks, but it can also cause certain changes in traction and grip properties of the driveway, though this is expected after long periods of exposure and cleaning neglect. Chemicals such as fuel, oil and coolant dripping from vehicles’ undercarriage will also stain the driveway quite heavily. Cleaners of London can deal with such issues effectively through our professional driveway cleaning service which is available to customers in London, and will leave your driveway clean and neat as the day it was constructed.

The cleaning method we use is suitable for all types of driveways, including those made of composite materials. Your driveway will be subjected to mechanical cleaning, i.e. we will use pressure washing equipment to physically remove stains, mould and residue using a stream of highly pressurised water. The pressure washer, also known as jet wash will cut through grime and mould like knife through butter, yet it is perfectly safe for the driveway’s structure and properties. The cleaning is performed by specially trained, cleaning technicians, which means no risk of personal injury or property damage. Our London customers can request the service for any day of the week.