Mattress Cleaning London

Keeping your mattress clean and sanitised as much as possible is quite essential for good bedroom hygiene and improved indoor air quality. Mattress cleaning is not a commonly performed cleaning chore, since many people have purchased hypoallergenic mattresses, with anti-bacterial coatings etc. However, in time with everyday use the average mattress will develop certain hygiene issues, which may not be evident as they take place on the inside, between the mattress layers. The most common hygiene issues for the mattress are dust, pollen, bacteria, mould, funguses and other allergens.

The warm, humid and dark environment inside the mattress is also the ideal breeding ground for many insects and bacteria which thrive and multiply inside the mattress. People sleeping on the mattress are also the cause of deteriorating hygiene whether they like it or not as dead skin cells, hairs, body oils and body odours will eventually make their way onto the mattress thus making it unpleasant to sleep on. Cleaners of London can offer customers a professional mattress cleaning service with guaranteed results. The equipment and cleaning materials we apply are highly effective for cleaning, as well as eradication of bacteria, germs, insects and their eggs from.

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*The prices stated above are effective for London. They include the required labour (cleaning hours). If additional time is needed, then additional charges would be applied. Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are formed based on the delivered information.

Our cleaning methods will also lift and remove stubborn stains quite easily without causing damage to the mattress or any of its properties. The cleaning process we use cleans and disinfects beneath the top layer or surface of the mattress thus giving you lasting hygiene you can actually see and feel. Our specially trained, qualified cleaning technicians will use professional grade steam cleaning equipment which is the most effective and sparing way to clean the mattress. This will also kill off bacteria and insect eggs which may be clinging to the mattress surface and the layers underneath it.

Generally, the mattress cleaning process uses only the natural cleaning power of steam, but in certain cases where there are stale or stubborn stains, the cleaners will pre-treat the stain with mild, nontoxic solvents. London customers will find the service to be very convenient, as the mattress will be dry enough to use in a few hours. For best results, and lasting hygiene, we as a professional cleaning company, advise our London customers to subject mattresses to professional cleaning at least once every six months. The service is reasonably priced, and will not put a strain on your budget. Free quotes are provided upon request.