Patio Cleaning London

Patios are a great home addition as they provide for more style and make the property more functional. When newly constructed, the patio is clean, neat and pleasant to look at. The average patio though is battered by the elements for most part of the year, and different seasons and exposure to adverse weather conditions will easily take their toll on the patio’s good looks and leave it looking worse for wear. Bad weather usually causes the patio to fade or develop mould and dark patches, as well as those familiar water streaks which cause certain parts of the patio to lose colour, or even appear bleached.

The patio also suffers from negligence as petrol powered lawnmowers or hedge trimmers left on the patio can drip oil and fuel which stains the patio’s top surface quite heavily. Household chemicals like bleach or perhaps paint, thinner or lacquer from reconditioning the patio’s woodwork can also be the cause of some serious fading, staining and blemishes. Using conventional cleaning methods on the patio won’t get you far, as these are quite ineffective, they take a lot of time and effort, and expose you to dangerous chemicals and aggressive cleaning solvents.

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*The prices stated above are effective for London. They cover the required labour (cleaning hours). If further time is needed, then increased costs would be applied. Minimum charge applies. Quotes over the phone are estimated based on the delivered info.

Cleaners of London can clean your patio to a professional standard finish without the use and application of toxic chemicals or aggressive cleaning substances, and yield perfect results without risk of damage or alteration. Our patio cleaning is performed using professional grade pressure washing equipment, commonly known as jet wash. The jet wash blasts off any mould, residue and staining from the patio’s surface without exposing it to risk of damage. This is a mechanical cleaning method, which means stains and residue are physically removed using a heated, highly pressurised stream or jet of water, not by the application of chemicals and solvents.

London customers must be advised that high pressure washing equipment cannot be used on patios with compromised structural integrity as flying debris can cause personal injury or property damage, which must be avoided in all cases. For better quality cleaning results and reduced cleaning time, we recommend having your patio cleaning service performed in relatively good weather conditions. The entire cleaning process is performed by specially qualified cleaning technicians who are skilled in the safe and efficient use of professional grade pressure washing equipment. London based customers have access to our professional patio cleaning service seven days a week.