Rug Cleaning London

Rugs add style and comfort to any home, and many people appreciate their fine looks and comfort properties underfoot. There are two main problems with rugs though. The first one is their high purchase cost. Most good quality rugs will cost you a pretty penny to buy, but this is a well worth it home investment. The second problem with pricy rugs is the fact that they don’t tolerate staining, soiling and conventional cleaning.

Usually, rugs are exposed to risk of spills and staining on an almost daily basis, in households where there are young children living, the risk of staining or soiling is even greater, as one can imagine. The best way to clean and care for your valuable rugs properly is to use professional rug cleaning solutions. Cleaners of London can offer you top quality, risk-free professional rug cleaning service, minus the usual high costs associated with specialised cleaning services. Our professional and highly effective rug cleaning service available to customers in London is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic rugs.

We’ll beat your best price!
End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices from £109 Domestic Cleaning Prices from £9
Carpet Cleaning Prices from £26 Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
*The prices stated above are effective about London. They include the needed labour (cleaning hours). If further time is needed, then increased costs could be applied. Minimum charge applies. Quotes over the phone are estimated based on the delivered info.

The cleaning techniques and products we apply will not damage or alter the rug’s look and feel in any way, shape or form. We would like to inform our London based customers that attempting to clean rugs using conventional cleaning methods is time consuming, quite ineffective and likely to cause irreversible damage or alteration of the rug and its properties, such as fading or unweaving. Our professional rug cleaning is perfectly safe and will not cause any mechanical damage to the rug, more so the cleaning process we use cleans deep inside the rug, all the way down to its bottom, unlike conventional cleaning methods which are only superficial.

Naturally, the rug cleaning is performed by qualified, specially trained cleaning technicians as this means no margin for error. Since the cleaning systems we apply clean deep inside the rug, its colours and comfort properties will be preserved for longer, without you having to reduce foot traffic. The entire cleaning process is carried out on site, in the comfort of your own home, this is quite convenient and makes the service swift and hassle-free for our customers. Our cleaning technicians will arrive fully equipped and ready for the task at hand. The exact cleaning method will be chosen as per the type of rug you have, and level of staining or soiling sustained.